Premier Pet Multifunctional Leash


  • Variety of control and comfort options
  • Adjustment between functions is easy
  • Padded handle


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The Premier Pet Multifunctional Leash provides you and your dog with a variety of control and comfort options wherever you go. Use it as a standard leash (at 6, 5 or 4 feet in length), a hands-free leash, a temporary tether, a two-point control leash, or a coupler to walk two dogs at once. Adjusting between functions is as easy as unclipping and reclipping the snaps to the appropriate rings along the leash or to your dog’s collar/harness. The padded handle shifts to fit the different functions and even doubles as a shoulder pad when using the hands-free option. Built with reflective stitching, this lightweight and durable leash provides safety, comfort and control to meet all your leash needs during any outing with your dog.


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